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All Photos will be corrected for Color, Density and exposure when ordered.

Our Guarantee: 

If you are not happy for any reason. We will Remake your Photograph or Refund the purchase price.  

Locally Trusted Sports Photography

For nearly thirty years, My Photography Event, powered by Roebling Photographics, has been the professional sports photographer of choice for schools, booster clubs, and church groups. We’re located in the Evansville, Indiana, area and our company is dedicated to serving organizations in our community. Built on the tradition of school photography, our sports event and team photography captures the most memorable moments of your child’s athletic years.

Partnering to Build Strong Relationships

Serving as official sports photographers, we partner with schools, booster clubs, and church groups to document school and association events throughout the year. We record the smiles of students, educators, and Hall of Famers. We share photography technique and business strategies with photojournalism/media students. We offer full download capabilities of high quality images for yearbook and in-school media programs at no extra charge. We help with fundraising for athletic and school programs.

A few of our educational partners (full list available upon request):

Plaza Park International Prep Academy

Harrison High School Cub Athletics

McGary Middle School

Harrison High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Plaza Park Cross Country Booster Club

North Huskies Football Team

Central Methodist daycare

Creating Great Athletic and Team Photos

We’re committed to understanding the needs of your student athletes, your teams, and our community. Our trained professional photographers and efficient processes ensure your satisfaction with your athletic and team photos.

School/Booster Club Photography Event

We work directly with the parents/coaches of schools and booster clubs to schedule team and action shots. In a pre-planning session, we meet with the coaches at a regularly scheduled practice and go over procedures with your team. This meeting takes 5 minutes. We also:

• Have a two minute talk with the kids

• Hand out order forms

• Set a date to photograph individuals and the team

Photography Day

On the day of the event, the photographer will arrive 1 hour before the scheduled start time to set up. They will do the following:

• Photograph individual student athletes as they arrive

• Photograph the group or team

• Photograph the team in action

Photographs will be delivered to coaches within two weeks. All coaches will receive a complimentary 8x10 team photograph. We’re also able to share photographs online with the school’s technology coordinator.

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