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Remember the objective of this portrait… a beautiful, sensitive portrait, which shows the relationship and personalities of each person in the portrait. For this reason, keep the clothing very subtle. You want to avoid having any one person stand out in the portrait because he or she is dressed lighter or brighter than anyone else. Work for balance, harmony and color coordination. When you bring in your clothing choices during your final consultation, your photographer will personally assist you in making a selection. Don't worry about anything, we will help you with everything, and your completed portrait will be superb because of this careful planning. When you discuss the creation session with children, do not instruct them to "smile", or "do exactly as the photographer says", etc. Simply let them know how excited you are about the creation and how much fun they’re going to have at the studio. One of the keys to the success and beauty of Bret Roebling Photographic Studios work is our ability to help you feel at ease during the photography creation. So relax and have a wonderful time -- we will do the rest. If there is anyone in your group who is particularly worried about photographs, or has a particular concern (facial, physical), be sure to let your photographer know in private before the session. There are countless techniques and special lighting methods, which we can use to minimize these problems, so be sure to bring up anything you wish to discuss. The secret to a successful photography creation is communication. We are here to help you and our only objective is to create an outstanding portrait, which you will treasure forever.

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