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Senior pictures are a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

Careful planning is one of the main features, that separate the work of My Photography Event powered by Roebling Photographics from another senior photographer. We spend quality time with you before, during and after the creation, to ensure the best results. Before scheduling your senior portraits we request a pre-session consultation. Our goal is to determine not only what type of photography you need; but to know you. Getting to know you will allow us to capture your individuality in print. Our experienced staff will discuss outfits, accessories, fun props, musical instruments, sports, equipment, pets, Vehicles, lighting, etc. to help you prepare yourself for the session. Whether you prefer studio photography or location photography we will be prepared to create an image of you that will last a lifetime. These factors, when combined with our photographer’s expertise in photographic artistry will make your portrait truly outstanding! Our clients deserve and appreciate this individualized attention. Superb artistry and loving treatment you will get, from the initial senior photography creation to retouching, mounting and finishing are other reasons our portraits are so special. It is this special, artistic touch, which separates our creations from any other senior portrait photographer in this area. Of course, the major reason for the unique sensitivity of our portraits is Bret Roebling himself. With over 30 years' experience and his enthusiasm, sincerity, and true desire to create a lasting senior portrait of you are qualities found in very few photographic artists today. He has invested his years of experience into his staff photographers. He has trained his photographers personally to ensure their expertise. His careful blend of technical skill, artistry, creativity, photographic technique and personal energy give our creations a very special style, which has come to be recognized as the “Roebling Look”.


Simple outfits photograph the best, as they do not distract from the subject. Our aim is to produce a timeless, beautiful portrait of you and the best way to begin is to remember one word: simplicity. Your clothes should be simple, not loud and busy. If your having a family portrait created, dress similar. Never wear clothing that will date the portrait. Freshly cut hair does not photograph well, try to schedule haircuts two (2) weeks before your photography session.

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