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Roebling Photographics

All Photos will be corrected for Color, Density and exposure when ordered.

Our Guarantee: 

If you are not happy for any reason. We will Remake your Photograph or Refund the purchase price.  


Our sincerest desire is to create the finest photography for our clients. Portraiture captures not only the physical you, but also your unique character and personality. At My Photography Event, we will ensure your complete satisfaction with your portraits. We create images of you that will last a lifetime.

In our eyes, your portrait or your family pictures are not just photographs; they’re works of art. Careful planning is what separates the work of Bret Roebling from other portrait studios. We will spend quality time with you before, during and after the photography session, to ensure the best results. Getting to know you will allow us to capture your individuality. As our client, you deserve this individualized attention.

During your pre-session consultation, our goal is to determine what type and style of photography you want and how the images will be used. Our experienced staff will discuss clothing, lighting, etc., and will help you prepare yourself and your family for the session. We’ll also work with you to discuss whether you want your pictures taken in the portrait studio or on location.

These factors, combined with our photographer’s expert photographic skills and technique, will make your portraits truly outstanding. From the initial creation of your portrait or your family portrait, to the retouching, mounting and finishing, we blend superb photographic artistry with photographic expertise. Our unique artistic photographic touch separates our creations from all other portrait photographers in this area.

Photographer Bret Roebling’s enthusiasm, sincerity, and true desire to create a lasting portrait of you and your family are beyond compare with other photographic artists in the area. His careful blend of technical skill, artistry, and creativity, combined with his personal energy, gives our creations a special style which has become known as the “Roebling Look”. We’re sure you’ll agree, the “Roebling Look” will bring out the best in you and your family.

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