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Need talent for you advertising production?

We offer talent consulting and modeling services that focuses on placement of high quality, experienced people for your job.

sign up to get notified via email of when we announce a new model or contact Bret today at: 812-758-4769 to discuss our talent or find out what We can do for you!

Modeling / Talent Search

We scout for talent throughout our website and are always on the lookout for talent we can choose for our commercial photography. One of the best ways to break into the model/talent market is to have your profile and images where prospective clients can see them.

We can market you on our website at no cost to you!

In order to do this, please send the following information to: bret@myphotographyevent.com

    • Several clear, simple, professional photographs of you.

    • Your resume, with the following information:

        o Your name o Date of birth

        o Contact phone number

        o Your measurements

              • Women – height, dress size, bust, waist, hips, and shoe size

              • Men – height, suit size, chest, waist, inseam, and shoe size

• If you’re under age 18, you must include a statement from your parents giving you their approval

Posting images

If chosen, your photos and resume will be available on our talent page, free of charge. If you are selected to work, we will provide you with job and contact information. Remember, you will be your own agent and you will be expected to conduct yourself as a professional model.

Modeling Partnership

John Casablancas Modeling, Talent, Personal Career Development Center

Beau Madame’s Modeling Center and Talent Agency

Joyce’s Stars of Tomorrow Talent Agency

Asante’s Modeling and Talent Agency


Q. Why don’t you charge talent to be on your talent page?

A. Businesses needs photographers to their advertising photography. At times they need talent or models. It makes sense to have everything they need for the making of their images. We can make it easy for the client and the model and make it a a win/win/win situation for the advertising agency, model and the photographer.

Q. What exactly are you looking for in a client?

A. Our talent page provides our advertising agencies and commercial clients with models and or talented individuals. This also allows model/talent to post as many photos on our page free of charge to promote themselves or their talent. In turn, commercial clients use us as a one-stop shop for their photography.

Q. What kind of photography is it that you do?

A. We are commercial, head shot, and fashion photographers. Please feel free to review the rest of our site.

Q. Do you pay your clients, or is this a volunteering position?

A. Our commercial clients will look through our talent page and pick who they are wanting for an advertisement. If chosen, we will call you to give you details. It's your job to work out your pay with the commercial client. If you need us to bill the client and collect your pay from them, add 20% to the price you charge them.

Q. Where do we set-up for your photo-shoots?

A. We have a 1,600 square foot studio we use for product photography, food photography, head shots, and fashion photography. The majority of our business is location photography.

Photography Services

We photograph everything from head shots and fashion photography to composite cards and business card.

Business Headshot Package

This package includes at least 10-15 head/shoulder digital images and costs $75.

Headshots Package

This package includes at least 100 head/shoulder digital images and costs $150. The session lasts about 1 to 2 hours.

You will receive a wide range of looks and have access to the images within one to two weeks after your shoot. I will select the best images and post them online at MyPhotographyEvent.com.

You will be able to download your head shot gallery, send them to your agent or your friends, or post them on your social media sites.

Fashion Photography Package

This package includes at least 500 head/shoulder and full length poses in at least four locations (inside and outside). The session costs $500 and lasts about 2 to 4 hours.

You can count on a wide range of looks. You will have access to the images within one to two weeks after your shoot. I will select 300-400 of the best shots and post them online at MyPhotographyEvent.com.

You will be able to download the gallery, send them to your agent or your friends, or post them on your social media sites.


The layout will be very similar to a Facebook gallery. Each image will have a comments section, ‘like this,’ ‘share this,’ etc. You can email the link to personal and professional contacts and keep track of their comments. You can also enlarge each image for easy viewing. This is basically a higher quality Facebook-like gallery for you, which you can link to from your Facebook wall.

Makeup and Hair

The makeup cost is additional and is paid directly to the makeup artist on the day of the shoot.

Comp Cards/Headshots

Composite cards are used by actors, models, dancers, and musicians for commercial print auditions and self-promotion. You can use any photo for your composite cards. Composite cards consist of 5 looks.


25 - $75

50 - $100

100 - $150

250 - $250

500 - $400

Additionally, you can have our lab make prints or burn a high resolution DVD of all the images. Images will remain online for only one year.

We suggest purchasing the gallery on DVD of your images. Our website is easy to use and we can walk you through the ordering process. A brief word about image quality when reviewing images on the web: every monitor has a different color and contrast balance, and web colors are different from print colors. This means he images might look slightly too dark, too light, too yellow or blue, etc., on your monitor. Don’t worry about that! Only consider your facial expression and the composition of the photograph (background, cropping, angle, and clothing) when making a decision of which prints to order. Print reproductions will have the correct balance of color and contrast. Enjoy your photographs!

Rush Delivery for $100

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