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What makes Bret Roebling Photographic Studios so very special?

First and foremost is our sincere desire to create the finest portraiture of you and your loved ones. Portraiture which captures not only the physical you, but also your unique character and personality. We at Bret Roebling Photographic Studios will spare no effort to ensure your complete satisfaction. Your portrait is not only a photograph; it is a work of art. Careful planning is one of the main features, that separates the work of Bret Roebling Photographic Studios from other photography studio. We spend quality time with you before, during and after the creation, to ensure the best results. During your pre-session consultation our goal is to determine not only what type of photography you need; but to know you. Getting to know you will allow us to capture your individuality in print. Our experienced staff will discuss clothing, lighting, etc. to help you prepare yourself for the session. Whether you prefer studio photography or photography on location we will be prepared to create an image of you that will last a lifetime. These factors, when combined with our photographer’s expertise in photographic artistry will make your portrait truly outstanding! Our clients deserve and appreciate this individualized attention. Superb artistry and loving treatment of your portrait, from the initial creation to retouching, mounting and finishing are other reasons our portraits are so special. It is this special, artistic touch which separates our creations from any other portrait photographer in this area. Of course, the major reason for the unique sensitivity of our portraits is Bret Roebling himself. His enthusiasm, sincerity, and true desire to create a lasting portrait of you are qualities found in very few photographic artists today. He has invested his years of experience into his staff photographers. He has trained his photographers personally to ensure their expertise. His careful blend of technical skill, artistry, creativity, photographic technique and personal energy give our creations a very special style, which has come to be recognized as the “Roebling Look”.

Preparing For Your Portrait Creation

Remember the objective of this portrait… a beautiful, sensitive portrait, which shows the relationship and personalities of each person in the portrait. For this reason, keep the clothing very subtle. You want to avoid having any one person stand out in the portrait because he or she is dressed lighter or brighter than anyone else. Work for balance, harmony and color coordination. When you bring in your clothing choices during your final consultation, your photographer will personally assist you in making a selection. Don't worry about anything, we will help you with everything, and your completed portrait will be superb because of this careful planning. When you discuss the creation session with children, do not instruct them to "smile", or "do exactly as the photographer says", etc. Simply let them know how excited you are about the creation and how much fun they’re going to have at the studio. One of the keys to the success and beauty of Bret Roebling Photographic Studios work is our ability to help you feel at ease during the photography creation. So relax and have a wonderful time -- we will do the rest. If there is anyone in your group who is particularly worried about photographs, or has a particular concern (facial, physical), be sure to let your photographer know in private before the session. There are countless techniques and special lighting methods, which we can use to minimize these problems, so be sure to bring up anything you wish to discuss. The secret to a successful photography creation is communication. We are here to help you and our only objective is to create an outstanding portrait, which you will treasure forever.

Some Important Reminders

General: Simple outfits photograph the best, as they do not distract from the subject. Our aim is to produce a timeless, beautiful portrait of you and the best way to begin is to remember one word: simplicity. Your clothes should be simple, not loud and busy. If your having a family portrait created, dress similar. Never wear clothing that will date the portrait. Freshly cut hair does not photograph well, try to schedule haircuts one (1) weeks before your photography session. Glasses: If you wear glasses, ask your optician to supply you with empty frames for the day of your appointment since glasses not only catch light reflections, but they may also distort the facial lines. Contact lenses are usually no problem as long as they do not cause excessive blinking. Women: Make-up: Eye shadow should be applied lightly and in natural shades. Apply two coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashes and make sure that eyeliner is also a natural shade. Wear your blush lower on the cheekbone; apply other make up as usual. Bring all your cosmetics with you, in case any minor modification is required. Men: Be sure to shave just prior to your appointment, as there is no way to hide a "5 o’ clock shadow" in color photography. Children: Dress children comfortably and allow them to bring their favorite toy with them. Your children should be familiar with us before your photography session. Bring your children with you to the consultation, so they can meet us and familiarize themselves with the studio. It’s hard for a child to be comfortable in a place they’ve never been before. A Word about Our Policies One of our goals is to give each of our clientele personal attention, which is crucial when creating fine portraiture. One way that we can assure that attention is to work by appointment only. We ask that you call us for an appointment any time you plan on coming into the studio. With the exception of wedding previews, the photographs you see for portrait and senior creations will be presented via our video proofing system in the studio during the session. Proofs will be available after seven to ten business days. Proofs can be viewed in the studio or you may take those with you for ten days after paying a $25 Proof Deposit. The $25 deposit will be applied to your order. If you decide not to order the deposit is refundable. Your portrait photography is an important investment for you and we want your decisions to be the correct ones! We will be happy to consult with you concerning your wall portrait size, gift sizes, etc. We also offer a “goof proof” guarantee on your wall portraits. Our policy states that when you purchase an adequate size wall portrait, if after seven days, you feel the portrait is too large simply bring the portrait back. We will make the next size smaller, and refund you the difference. Because we set aside exclusive time to spend with you during your portrait sitting, creation fees are prepaid. This enables us to reserve ample time to plan and create your portraits. The creation fee is separate from the purchase price of your finished portraits and is your assurance of individualized attention. We prefer that the session fee be paid at the time of consultation, before we book your session. We always strive for perfection…but, if you are unhappy with the results of your session, we will be happy to do an enhancement session at no additional cost to you. 

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